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Latest updates in Our Get Covid Ready course

Our Covid Ready Course has been updated, there are new versions of the “Ideas for Communication with Clients” and the Consultation Forms.

Other changes and additions include:

Opening page:
Addition: Are you fully insured – both practice and premises?

  • Changes in RETURN TO WORK QUICK GUIDE: “bins” have been changed to “pedal bins”, “also one by the front door for masks”.
  • Home visits are okay from the date return to work is possible, if the client has been shielding (if not, home visits are still not advised)
  • Client have to don a mask before arrival if their own. Inside the front door if not. They have to wear a mask until exciting, or leave it in a pedal bin at the door.
  • Clients are being asked to not tidy or help fold up towels.
  • References to the Track and Trace system have been removed from the consultation & consent forms.

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