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Latest Government Announcements concerning massage therapists and massage schools – 23/6/20

Not necessarily what we wanted to hear – we were hoping massage therapists would be allowed to re-open (with stringent hygiene procedures of course) alongside hairdressers and other professions on 4th July. This is however not happening, and our teaching venue in Sheffield City Centre will also stay closed.

One piece of good news is that “massage and sports therapy” are now listed in their own right, so there is some clarity in this respect.

These are the Government Guidelines in full:

“Close contact services include hairdressing, barbershops, beauty and nail bars, makeup, tattoo and spray tanning studios, spas, SPORTS AND MASSAGE THERAPY, well-being and holistic locations, dress fitters, tailors and fashion designers.

This guidance is also designed for those who provide MOBILE CLOSE CONTACT SERVICES FROM THEIR HOMES AND IN OTHER PEOPLES HOMES, those in retail environments and the arts, as well as those studying hair and beauty in vocational training environments. Dress fitters, tailors and fashion designers were permitted to reopen in line with non-essential retail on 15 June 2020.

Hairdressers and barbershops will be permitted to reopen for services that relate to cutting or treating hair on the head only from 4 July 2020. The other services outlined above will REMAIN CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE subject to the 5 tests but this guidance will help them prepare for reopening.”

So we cannot provide massage or re-open our massage school yet. Our “Get Your Practice Covid Ready” Course is still relevant however. It will most probably be beginning of August until the next phase of reopening begins – much can happen until then. We advise to not overbuy on PPE, the rest is expected to stay pretty much the same for now. We will update this course regularly, as more information comes out and we learn more about Covid-19 and its short term and longer term effects.

Qualified massage therapists can also get started on our Deep Tissue Massage 1 Online Course – this is particularly designed for revision and theory. In can be used as preparation for the 3 practical days (Deep Tissue 2, now scheduled ), but can also be taken on its own.

New: Beginners have got the option of doing an Introduction to Massage online course.

We are frantically working to deliver more courses online, bear with us!

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