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Return to work and get yourself Covid Ready!

We are absolutely overjoyed to be able to get back to work on 13th July, at least as England is concerned – Northern Island has already started, Scotland nearly, and Wales at the end of July..
It has been a crazy time.
Go through our Get Your Practice Covid Ready Course to familiarise yourself with Best Practices, as recommended by MTI and GCMT.
This is the newest version, the main differences are:

  • Mobile work and working from home is included
  • the client can decide if they wear a face mask or not (although recommended for your protection)
  • frequently asked questions are added
  • references to NHS Track and Trace largely deleted
  • the new certificate carries the MTI and GCMT logos
  • we now charge a little fee for admin (¬£14.99) as it costs us to put this on and keep it updated

Good luck everybody! Hope you enjoy the course, and feel free to give us feedback or to leave comments and tips, e.g. if you encounter a particularly good supplier of PPE or cleaning equipment, or an article with some research or scientific evidence that supports or contradicts what is being said here.

In the end, we all have to make up our own mind about a lot of these things – all we can do, is to be as well informed as possible – and follow government guidelines, as a bare minimum – which includes wearing a face visor and gloves, as well as doing a thorough risk assessment, regardless of your work environment:

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  1. Thanks Eva I have appreciated this course very much. Its helped focus my attention on the important issues. I also really appreciated the Mental PPE section and the question and pointer there. Much gratitude

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