CPD Course: Get your practice Covid Ready (April 2021 Update)

Confused by the information that is out there, and want to know what you need to do to get Covid ready?

We are closely following the guidelines set out by the Government, GCMT, MTI, and other governing bodies.

We will update these recommendations as the situation changes and different guidance may be given, so check in regularly. Make sure to register to receive alerts. Comments are invited!

N.B.: Any information and comments not directly taken from the resource pack sent out by MTI (as developed by GCMT for its practitioner associations) will be in blue in the normal text, any black text (other than headlines) will be directly from the GCMT resource pack, with some of the text highlighted in other colours for emphasis. Some of the guidance text may be changed very slightly to make it more applicable for use on this website, for example “We” (as in GCMT) has been changed to “they”, and “their member” referring to members of individual organisations to “you”.

Who is this guidance for?

This guidance is for massage practitioners who want to know what they need to do in terms of getting back to work. It gives best practice guidelines (rather than minimum standards) for massage therapists who have got their own premises, work in a practice, work from home and doing home visits. The guidance may vary depending on the level of control a practitioner can exert over their environment.


In the UK, there are typically separate regulations for Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and England. At the moment, Wales and England have reopened and Scotland is going to reopen on 26th April.




Please note that for your insurance to be valid, you have to follow both the government guidelines as well as the guidelines of your individual professional associations. Document all changes to these guidelines in your risk assessment and check with your insurance.

Where does this information come from?


We have compiled this information from a resource pack that the Massage Training Institute (MTI) has sent out to its members in June 2020, January 2021 and April 2021. Sheffield Massage Training, i.e. the website you are on right now, is the online platform for Sheffield Centre for Massage Training, which in turn is an MTI (Massage Training Institute) accredited school. This resource pack has originally developed by GCMT (Council for Soft Tissue Therapies), and MTI’s chair Earle Abrahamson (who is also chair of CNHC and a representative of GCMT), along with Jennie Parke Matheson (MTI tutor and GCMT representative) have put a lot of work into this. You will see a lot of them on this course. The resource pack has been thoroughly cross-checked and passed by H&S as well as a lawyer. You will be covered by your insurance as long as you adhere to government guidelines.

PARAMETERS OF THE GCMT RESOURCE PACK (as issued July 2020 and updated November 2020, January 2021 & April 2021)

“This Resource Pack has been developed by the GCMT as a resource for assisting our member organisations in making informed decisions around the return to work.

It is noted that the GCMT represents a range of therapies and practices, so one size may not fit all

We therefore recognise that the content of the pack will need to be adapted to suit specific disciplines such as Sports Therapy and Sports Massage, for example;

In these instances, we ask that organisations extract relevant content in line with their practices.

For organisations who require further clarification, please contact the GCMT

Therapists must not take this document “as written”, but adjust it as guided by their Professional Association – and most importantly “by their personal circumstances

GCMT website:               www. gcmt.org.uk
GCMT Facebook page:  www. facebook.com/GCMTcouncilsofttissuetherapies

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