Holistic Therapeutic Massage Diploma – weekend course

Interested in our Level 4 Diploma Course in Holistic Therapeutic Massage?

This is a one year course, which provides a solid foundation in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology, as well as excellent bodyuse and bodymechanics, and techniques for a creative massage with a relaxation focus, and suitable for a range of conditions. On this website, we are providing an online learning environment for students enrolled on the programme.

Interested in joining us? Head over to our sister site, and book onto one of our free open events or request a prospectus.

If you are a complete beginner, and to get a feel for what we are doing and how we are working, you may also want to do our “Introduction to Massage” Course. It only costs £29, and if you join us on our diploma course, you will get the fee reimbursed. 

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Eva Eva Author

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Subtle Aspects

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Palpation & Techniques

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Massage Terminology

Massage videos


Self Care

Side Lying Massage

Advanced Massage

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Client Comfort

Therapeutic Relationship

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