Beginners Online Course: Introduction to Massage

To live life in the context of touch is to live in continual contact and intimacy with others

Mariana Caplan

Learn basic massage techniques that your family and friends will love

Difficulty: Beginner

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It is the intention of this course to provide the learner with safe and simple massage techniques to give to friends, family and colleagues. In our online courses and face to face training’s, we apply the principles of a Holistic approach to health and well-being. Holistic means ‘whole’  – a Greek word and this form of massage deals with you as a ‘whole’. Like other Holistic therapies, it is not just looking to treat the symptoms; the aim of Holistic massage is to work with the body to achieve whole balance.

This online course covers some basic elements. If this kindles your interest for massage, we would be delighted to see you on one of our introductory courses, where you get the opportunity to practice, receive personal input and feedback by our experienced tutors, and get an idea of other ingredients that make a well-rounded holistic practitioner.

‘The mind cannot forget what the hands have learned’. ~ Jon Zahourek

Introductory Course (Online)


Enjoy your Introduction to Massage course. Here are your lessons…