Other techniques

Deep tissue techniques can be mixed with a range of other techniques to create your own unique style. Below is a range of different techniques which work particularly well. General relaxation and “feel good” techniques that you have learned in your initial training or elsewhere also have their place here, as the sole use of very deep techniques would be too taxing for the client and yourself. You will achieve more if you give the person some time to integrate and process the deeper work, and give them the space and time to relax into it.

Through the Towel Techniques

Deep tissue principles can also be applied through the towel. A thin sheet (we recommend brushed cotton or flannelette) is fabulous for palpation and application of these techniques.

It can be less intimidating for the client – and if heated on a radiator so that they feel nice and snug, it adds an extra element of care which will make them relax more. The more relaxed they are before you even get started, the deeper you can go. The video shows forearm and elbow techniques for the gluteal area, with a focus on external rotators. Watch the first 20minutes, then do the rest with a partner. This is a great way to practice bodyuse and stance for more static work.

You will also find a short video showing only the soft tissue release part here.

Muscle Energy Techniques

If you have already trained in Muscle Energy Techniques, they are a great addition. They are particularly good for sensitive and/or very tight areas before you apply deep tissue techniques. Enquire with us about our next training days if interested, or try the “Taming the Piriformis” course which gives you a taste of muscle energy techniques.

Hot Stones

If you are trained in hot stones, you can feed them into your deep tissue massage. If you want to use them to warm up the area before applying deeper techniques, you may want to take some oil off first to avoid excessive gliding.

Hot Stones are also fantastic after trigger point work, as moist heat is recommended for greater effectiveness (see Trigger Point section).

And they simply feel great! If you are interested in taking a hot stones course, the Sheffield Centre for Massage Training runs a 2 day course, typically in October/November and January/February.